Boy Scout Troop 615 has been proud to perform a patriotic service by posting American flags in your neighborhood for over a decade. Your subscriptions have helped fund Summer Camp and High Adventure activities for our Boy Scouts as well as fund the general operation of the troop.  100% of your money is used within the local Troop directly benefitting the youth of your community.

We are continuing the mail-in subscription program for our subscribers to make the renewal process more convenient. If you have a neighbor that is interested in the program please have them contact us at the email or number below. There is no change to the subscription plan. A Troop 615 Scout will post a 3’ x 5’ flag on a 8’ tall pole in your front yard on the morning of five holidays. The flag will be recovered in the evening of the same day.


We currently provide this service in the following neighborhoods:

  • Brittany Bay
  • Brittany Lakes
  • The Landing
  • Clear Creek Village
  • Centerpointe

Please email for additional information.